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Gessi has been designing and manufacturing exclusive bathroom and kitchen fittings and furnishings for over 20 years. Today, Gessi are acknowledged worldwide for there fashionable bathroom designs in all types of living environments including hotels, spas, yachts and private residences.

Made In italy. made in gessi

Although Gessi products are international by vocation , with established subsidiaries and offices all over the world from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, Gessi maintains strong roots in its home territory and remains Italian. Unlike many other popular brands, Gessi carries out each production phase and manufactures every product component in house, following best practice business models and the principals of “green” production. Gessi boasts high levels of technology, a low environmental impact and a high degree of ethical responsibility in relation to its workers, all while maintaining the highest standards of product quality.

Yes…believe it or not, this is a tap!

Yes…believe it or not, this is a tap!

at gessi ethics matter

Gessi is well known and appreciated throughout the world as a brand that consumers can relate to. This is because it has not only succeeded in generating style, innovation and superior quality, but also important values such as awareness, reliability and respect.

Proud stockists

Here at Gilesgate Bathrooms we are proud to be stockists of Gessi!

With many of their beautiful products on display why not pop in and see the gorgeous range in person?