YUMO Sys20

YUMO Sys20


burgbad-designer lines-sys20…..DISCOVER THE NEW SIDES OF YOUR BATHROOM

With the design lines, we invite you to feed your enjoyment of remodelling or redesigning your bathroom – by getting to know the distinctively versatile, flexible, beautiful and high-quality products. By choosing bathroom furniture that appeals to your sense of style, suiting you and your bathroom space, in your mind’s eye you can create a beautiful image of your new favourite bathroom. A bathroom with everything you believe belongs in a perfect bathroom – so that it becomes just as individual and unique as you. “Here’s a sample of Burgbad sys20”

COCO Sys20

COCO Sys20


  • Yumo

    The new language of individual bathroom culture. Yumo provides generous spaces and flawless aesthetics with sleek flowing and elegant surfaces, offering an exciting interplay of warm and gentle colours, pure white and wood finishes. Yumo combines these with transparent smokey glass elements to create an intriguing and attractive look. a completely new living experience for bathrooms.

  • Coco

    The characteristics of a strong personality: independent, confident,and strong – clear and concise in speech. Coco is such a personality:with a charisma that immediately captivates and inspires.

  • Crono

    A genuine, natural talent. with its clean, true lines, the peaceful, clear form language and its extensive range of colour and material variance, Crono finds a calm elegance that is relaxing for everyone, in a variety of bathroom settings.

  • Sinea

    When design does exactly the right thing,a well-known maxim applies: less is more.

  • Bel

    As a modular muiltifaceted design, Bel is open for all ideas, wishes and space requirements. and it implements these with casual ease and stylistic confidence, in a lively manner. wonderfully rich in features, uncomplicated, with dynamic freshness: simply the best bathroom friend.

  • PLi

    Inspiration is a wonderful thing – especially when it comes from nature. hence, Pli lets itself be inspired by the element of water and is characterised by it in terms of the design. for wonderfully soothing charisma: everything is in flow.

  • Diva 2.0

    Solo for elegance, charm and personality. The diva 2.0 is the queen of individual bathroom culture, showing how all as as sensuous bathing ritual dating back thousands of years, can be taken to a whole new level: a game of intimacy and staging.


PLI Sys20

PLI Sys20

Bathtubs in the wonderful form of moulded mineral, enables us at Burgbad to create innovative, flawless and sensually beautiful bathroom basins or bathtubs, and is also highly sustainable.